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Protecting natural capital and biodiversity in the agri-food sector
This collection considers the importance of accounting for and protecting natural capital and biodiversity in the agri-food sector. The book reviews recent advances in natural capital, biodiversity and extinction accounting and how these methods are being applied in different sectors and regions to improve the sustainability of agri-food supply chains. 
Improving the quality of apples
This collection reviews the wealth of recent research undertaken on the factors which can determine the quality of apples, focussing on attributes such as texture and nutritional content. The book also considers how these attributes can be optimised at both the pre- and postharvest stages in the value chain for apples as a means of meeting the increasing expectations and demands of consumers. 
Developing circular agricultural production systems
This collection summarises the wealth of research on the ways of achieving circular agricultural production systems through using minimal inputs, closing nutrient loops, reducing emissions and reusing and valorising agricultural wastes. 
Developing drought-resistant cereals
This collection explores the challenge of achieving improved drought tolerance in key cereal crops such as wheat and barley and reviews key research and strategies which address how to overcome this challenge in order to mitigate the effects of climate change on cereal production. 
Consumers and food: Understanding and shaping consumer behaviour
This collection reviews the wealth of research in understanding consumer food-purchasing behaviour and what this means for farmers, food manufacturers, retailers and policy makers seeking to produce healthier food in a more sustainable way. 
Advances in cultured meat technology - Cover
This collection reviews current advances in cellular agriculture, focussing primarily on the emerging research in cultured meat technology. The book considers the establishment of regulatory frameworks for cultured meat in the USA and Singapore and highlights the quality and sustainability issues which can arise as a result of its creation. 
Understanding and minimising fungicide resistance - Cover
This collection reviews the wealth of research on understanding the development of fungicide resistance and preventative measures to limit the problem and its impact on effective control of crop diseases. 
Advances in plant factories - Cover image
This collection reviews the wealth of research on vertical farms or plant factories with artificial lighting (PFALs). It summarises key research both on improving process efficiency and produce quality of horticultural crops such as fruit and vegetables, ornamentals and herbs. 
Advances in ensuring the microbiological safety of fresh producer - Cover
This collection reviews the wide range of research on preventing microbial contamination of fresh fruit and vegetables, from understanding key pathogens to ways of detecting and preventing contamination across the supply chain. 
Modelling climate change impacts on agricultural systems - Cover
This collection summarises the wealth of research on ways to improve models predicting the impact of climate change on agricultural systems, as well as their application to understanding impacts in particular regions. 

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Editor Announcement 
Professor Emerit Jay Stratton Noller has agreed to edit our forthcoming collection: ‘Achieving sustainable cultivation of hemp’. 
Find out more about our new editor here




Book Review Published in: Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems  

“The editor indeed took great care that all aspects of carbon sequestration are considered. In summary, we do not hesitate to call this book a true soil carbon sequestration bible. We highly recommend the book to students, researchers at any stage of their career as well as governmental and non-governmental organizations working on climate mitigation and related topics. We trust that the knowledge contained in this book will make a much-needed difference regarding global soil carbon status not only from a climate point of view, but also for the benefit of soil health in general.” (Dr Else K. Bünemann, FiBL, Switzerland) 

Book Review Published in: Journal of Dairy Research  

“As Editor, Alexander Hristov has gathered together some scientifically excellent contributions from a very select group of eminent animal nutrition experts to create an up to date, readable and comprehensive account of dairy cow nutrition. So, where there have been ‘Advances’ I am confident they will have been covered. Talking to colleagues, enthusiasm was expressed for the quality of the research covered, and I have little doubt that this book will find a place on many bookshelves.” (Professor C. Knight Institute of Veterinary Clinical and Animal Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Denmark) 
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