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Achieving carbon-negative bioenergy systems from plant materials
This collection reviews advances in producing next-generation biofuels from plant materials. Part 1 discusses technologies such as biomass gasification, fast pyrolysis and torrefaction. Part 2 assesses advances in production of biofuels from crops such as jatropha, oilseeds, Miscanthus, switchgrass and willow. 
Achieving sustainable cultivation of barley
This collection reviews advances in understanding barley physiology and genetics, molecular breeding and cultivation techniques, as well as disease and weed management. It also discusses advances in improving barley for end uses such as malting and brewing. 
Advances in Conservation Agriculture Volume 1
By focussing on soil health, Conservation Agriculture (CA) is seen as more sustainable than conventional production. This volume summarises research on key components for successful CA including no-till techniques, soil cover and cropping systems as well as the role of livestock and agroforestry. 
Advances in Conservation Agriculture Voume 2
Volume 2 reviews research on optimising Conservation Agricultural (CA) practices and their benefits. Chapters cover soil management, crop nutrition and irrigation, pest and disease management, as well as broader issues such as managing carbon, biodiversity and ecosystem services. 
Advances in postharvest management of horticultural produce
Postharvest losses remain a serious problem in the fresh produce sector. This book reviews advances in preservation and disinfection, monitoring and management techniques to optimise safety and quality of fresh fruit and vegetables. 
Advances in breeding of dairy cattle
Dairy cattle breeding faces challenges such as reduced genetic diversity and the improvement of production over functional traits. This book reviews the latest research on genetics, genetic diversity and advanced methods of genetic evaluation and selection. 
Advances in crop modelling for a sustainable agriculture
Crop modelling has huge potential to improve decision making in farming. This book reviews advances in next-generation models focused on user needs at the whole farm system and landscape scale. 
Achieving sustainable cultivation of tropical fruits
This book reviews current advances in the breeding and cultivation of key tropical and subtropical fruits. The volume is split into 3 parts and covers citrus fruits, soft, stone and other fruits. 
Achieving sustainable management of boreal and temperate forests
Forests deliver both economic benefits and a range of key ecosystem services. This important new book reviews current research on optimising their use, from understanding tree physiology to improvements in planting, stand management, sustainable logging and product diversification. 
Improving gut health in poultry
This volume summarises current research on the composition and function of the gastrointestinal tract in poultry, the factors that affect its function, and nutritional strategies to optimise poultry nutrition, health and environmental impact. 

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Achieving sustainable production of pig meat
This three-volume collection brings together research on the production of the most widely-consumed meat in the world. It reviews the safety, quality and sustainability of pig meat as well as focusing on the breeding of pigs and their nutritional requirements. The collection also highlights the importance of maintaining good animal health and the effect this has on pig meat production. 
Roots, tubers and pulses
This six-volume collection covers the advances in genetics and breeding of crops such as potatoes, grain legumes and cassava. The collection also reviews how to manage and understand the range of pests and diseases affecting these crops, as well as ways to improve cultivation techniques.  
Achieving sustainable production of poultry meat and eggs
This five-volume collection reviews current research on safety, quality and sustainability issues in egg and poultry meat production. Other areas such as the importance of animal health, welfare and their nutritional requirements are also discussed as well as advances in poultry genetics and their effects on breeding. 
Achieving sustainable cultivation of cereals
This 13-volume collection reviews current research trends on five of the most important cereal crops: rice, maize, wheat, barley and sorghum. It addresses challenges in areas such as genetics and breeding to improve crop quality, cultivation and production techniques, as well as the importance of managing the vast amount of pests and diseases affecting these five major cereal crops. 
Achieving sustainable production of milk
This three-volume collection reviews research on the production of one of the world's most important agricultural food products: milk. The collection discusses milk composition and the range of products that can be produced, whilst also reviewing current research in genetics and breeding of dairy cattle. Safety, quality and sustainability issues, and the importance of dairy herd management and welfare are also addressed. 
Fruit, vegetable and nuts collection
This seven-volume collection reviews current research trends in fruits, vegetables and nuts. It includes tomatoes, apples, bananas and mangoes, as well as temperate zone tree fruits and berries and tree nuts. Areas such as advances in genetics and breeding these crops are reviewed as well as ways in improving cultivation techniques to make the production of these crops more sustainable.  

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