Integrated pest  
Integrated pest management 
Integrated pest management 

The IPM Collection 

Discover our pre-curated digital collection of chapters we've designed with users of the IPM Decisions Platform and IPM Works in mind. 
Recognising the importance of monitoring and managing insect pests, we want to ensure that the integral research is at the fingertips of those who require it: farmers, advisers, agronomists and more! 
The IPM Collection includes 121 chapters: 
Discuss advances in understanding species and landscape ecology on which IPM is founded 
Review advances in cultural, physical and biological methds of control of some of the major insect pest species 
Summarise current research on monitoring pesticides use as well as the emergence of biopesticides 
Explore current methods for improving IPM in horticulture, looking at the use of techniques such as forecasting and monitoring 
Download a list of chapters included in The IPM Collection here. Contact us to discuss your requirements. 

Additional IPM Resources 


Within our Agricultural Science Series, we have a number of titles dedicated to integrated pest management (IPM) as well as more wider coverage of crop protection. 
Below are a small selection of the books on offer! 

Books are available to purchase in both print and digital formats.   Discover the full collection here


To support those not requiring access to the full IPM collection, we also offer users the ability to purchase individual digital chapters at a cost of £25.00.  
Alternatively, Contact Us with a list of chapters you wish to purchase and we can create a personalised chapter collection suitable for your research needs! 
Download a list of chapters included in The IPM Collection here

The BDS Database 

The Burleigh Dodds Science (BDS) Database is the central hub for over 1600 chapters on the key research, topics and themes across agricultural science, covering crops, livestock and forestry. 
The BDS Database: 
Provides unique access to reviews of key research and trends from 4000+ internationally recognised experts 
Is continuously updated with new content to further achieving sustainable agriculture 
Acts as a wealth of knowledge to improve product development or inform best practice on the farm 
Provides a trusted resource for researchers to make agriculture more sustainable 
How does it work? 
We synthesise and curate key research to empower you to make agriculture more sustainable. Organised thematically in the BDS Database, users can easily find the content they need by searching across all subjects or delving into sub-divided collections.  
Designed to support industry, research centres and libraries, providing 24/7 access to the latest research information in sustainable agriculture. 
For more information on any of these products get in touch with us! 
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